Expertise and method

We are specialists for complete realisation and project steering when it comes to store construction and retail projects. In respect of our project planning approach, we make a distinction between floorspace in existing buildings and new constructions.

Location analysis

Calculating bases, pre-planning and proposal planning. Analysing existing property / floorspace layout. Calculating functional solution options

Feasibility study

Initial analysis, proposal planning, coordination with authorities / approval capability, coordination of tenancy contracts and responsibilities between client and tenant

Approval and execution planning

Project coordination between the client and other contractual partners, compiling the building applications and advertising applications, coordinating technical assembly sections such as building services engineering, conveyor technology, safety technology, structural survey, fire protection, facade design

Deadline and cost control

Determining area-specific, deadline and cost objectives. Invitation to tender and awarding of all services necessary for project realisation

Project management

Property supervision, quality assurance, project progress documentation

Gathering and coordinating all engineers involved

Fire safety, support structure planning, building services engineering, safety technology, conveyor technology, special engineers 


Invoicing all services, fault-rectification supervision, documentation and auditing